About Madison Apricot


Hi! My name is Madison and this is my travel blog. I was born and raised in woodsy central Pennsylvania where I spent about half of my childhood exploring its unique and awe-inspiring forests and lakes. I spent the other half traversing the lands beyond Pennsylvania with my adventurous family. Thanks to these delightful experiences, my passion for travel and the outdoors started young and grew as I did.

Since graduating from Penn State University, I’ve transplanted myself to bustling Philadelphia where every day is an adventure in and of itself. While I call it home, many others throughout the country and the world make it one of their top places to visit.

I created this blog to share my experiences both in my city and abroad. Stop by on any given day to read up on what to do in Philadelphia, new places that I’ve recently visited, tips and tricks for easy travel, where to eat on your journeys, and more!

When I’m not on the road (and sometimes when I am), I’m working as a copywriter for Stream Companies, Philadelphia’s leading integrated advertising agency. Some of my other hobbies include listening to true crime podcasts, bullet journaling, trying new restaurants, experimenting with recipes, and reading. You’ll see some of these interests bleed over into my blog posts.

Thanks for stopping by!