Hometown Tuesday: Restaurants to Venture Out of the City For

Philly is packed with amazing restaurants to try. But there’s so much to explore and eat beyond the city limits. Out in what is commonly referred to as the Greater Philadelphia Area there are plenty of other restaurants that are worth venturing out of the city for. Read ahead to check out five of my favorites!

Anthony’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant in Malvern

At Anthony’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant, they (unsurprisingly) serve a variety of pizzas and authentic Italian dishes that will knock your socks right off. My parents and I try to have dinner here once every time they come down to visit. We’ve had all kinds of stuff at Anthony’s and I can’t say there’s ever been a dish that I wouldn’t eat again.

No matter what kind of mood you’re feeling for lunch or dinner, they have you covered. Start off a fancy dine-in meal with some juicy baked mushrooms that are hand-stuffed with fresh blue crab and cheese. Be sure to save plenty of room for cheese tortellini with bolognese meat sauce.

Rather keep it simple? Opt for one of their many hot or cold subs to go or a big made-to-order pizza. More times than not, we go for the special pizza which comes topped with the perfect combination of pepperoni, sausage, salami, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

Founding Farmers in King of Prussia

Farm-to-table dining has become increasingly popular in the last ten years or so. While it may seem like a dining fad that’s destined to fall to the wayside, places like Founding Farmers are making waves both when it comes to the quality of dine-in farm-to-table meals but also the quality of the process of how restaurants acquire their ingredients.

Like the handful of other Founding Farmer locations, the King of Prussia Founding Farmers sources their fresh ingredients through local family farmers that have made it their life’s mission to grow food that’s good for our bodies, taste buds, and the planet.

I could eat fried chicken all day everyday. So, naturally, I’m inclined to recommend their spicy fried chicken sandwich or their spicy fried chicken & donut dish – weird, I know, but amazing. But they have all kinds of different dishes to please even the pickiest eaters. Also, you need to get their devil-ish eggs as an appetizer and their donuts as a dessert – trust me on this one.

PokéOno in Ardmore

Oh man, what I would do to eat poke every single day of my life. When I get poke, though, it is almost always from PokéOno in Ardmore. This tiny little poke shop truly outdoes itself with authentic Hawaiian cuisine that’s always fresh, carefully sourced, and “crafted with love.”

They offer a variety of featured bowls but half of the fun for me is building my own with the dozens of options that they give you. Personally, I’m a fan of the shrimp with white rice, spicy aioli, and ALL the wasabi peas. But, truly, I would eat literally anything from here.

One other incredible part about PokéOno is the fact that you can carefully craft your poke bowl right on their website. What I like to do is order online and then snag it on my way home from work. It’s always fresh, always ready when I get there, and never not delicious.

Enjoy Your Dinner on the Main Line!

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