3 Cheap Places to Eat on the Vegas Strip

Ah, Las Vegas. There’s nothing quite like it in the world. This rambunctious desert city is known first and foremost for its incredible gambling opportunities. However, it’s also a hotspot for extravagant nightlife and lavish seven-course meals.

If you’re like me (a young professional just out of college), though, you may be balling on a budget when you make it to the Strip. Nestled in between the money-sucking casinos, five-star restaurants, and ice bars, you’ll find some truly affordable places to grab dinner. 

Read ahead to check out three of the best places to grab a cheap but scrumptious dinner on the Las Vegas Strip!

Beer Park Las Vegas

Located at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Who doesn’t love a good rooftop bar? At Beer Park Las Vegas, you’ll find a chill sports-bar vibe, a great view of the Strip including the Bellagio fountain, and a lengthy menu of beers and traditional bar eats.

Reserve a table ahead of time through OpenTable (my personal go-to for dinner reservations) or pop by. We went right around dinner time and even though we had a reservation, we didn’t need it. There was just enough people that the atmosphere was poppin’ but not suffocating.

Whether you go with a big group or just two of you, you’ll be entertained for hours with their many high-definition TVs streaming a variety of sporting events and large selection of table games. Sip your beer, eat your nachos, and play a few rounds of Connect Four or Uno.

Cabo Wabo Cantina

Located Across the Street from the Bellagio

There’s nothing quite like a frozen margarita after spending the day in the extreme desert heat. At Cabo Wabo Cantina, you’ll have your pick of a wide variety of classic and unique margaritas to choose from.

Opt for a classic hand-crafted margarita or a savory Margarita Verde featuring fresh cucumber and cilantro. Get them by the glass or by the pitcher to share. Pop by during happy hour for half-priced house margaritas, sangria, and daily specials.

Save on dinner as well by doubling up on discounted appetizers during happy hour. Enjoy single-digit-priced queso fundido, freshly made guacamole, lightly fried calamari, chicken taquitos, nacho platters, and more.

Chin Chin Cafe & Sushi Bar

Located Inside New York New York

I’ll preface this by saying that Chin Chin isn’t always cheap. In fact, you can drop a cool $100 on a sushi dinner here. However, if you get your timing right, you can get a pretty sweet deal at Chin Chin Cafe & Sushi Bar.

Everyday, they offer an all-you-can-eat breakfast and lunch. These buffets offer more than fifty fresh made items including chicken fried steak, a variety of fresh fruits, sweet crepes, and a wide selection of Chinese staples like pork fried rice, lo mein, and assorted sushi.

Each one of these meals will run you between $15 and $30 depending on whether or not you can get your hands on a buy-one-get-one card which they graciously hand out in front of the restaurant.

Here’s an insider tip, though: Go to the breakfast buffet around 11 a.m. and eat all the breakfast you can. Then, stay until they do the change over to lunch at 11:30 a.m. They let you stay and enjoy both meals for just one price–it’s an incredible deal.

PRO TIP: Pick a resort and walk through it.

On my most recent road trip, I got stranded in Vegas for three days because of a canceled flight (thanks a lot American Airlines!!!) and was forced to sniff out other cheap eats in New York New York where we were staying.

To emulate true New York culture, this place is packed with little eateries that are both affordable and delicious. If this is where you’re staying, check out 48th & Crepe and Shake Shack.

But the bottom line here is that each gigantic resort on the Vegas Strip has a variety of quick-bite places ranging from pizza to artisanal hot dogs to deli sandwiches and more. Just pick a resort and take a walk–you’re sure to find something that fills you up without breaking the bank!

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