Where to Eat in London

When you think of eating in London, you might think of biscuits and tea or fish and chips. While these two traditionally English dishes can be found all over the place in this city, it’s far from the only thing that there is to munch on.

It’s relatively central location to both the east and the west makes London the perfect place to experience all different types of food including cuisines from India, France, and all corners of Asia. Read ahead to learn more about some of the best spots to eat at in London!

Bun Co.

The Monument area of London has all kinds of neat little eateries including one of my personal favorites–Bun Co. This place sells one thing and one thing only and that’s bao buns, which are steamed pillowy buns filled your toppings of choice.

At Bun Co., they have all kinds of buns to choose from including ones with squid ink buns, one that a vegetarian friendly, and ones that are filled with fried chicken. *drool* No matter what you get, though, you can count on it being fresh and quick. This place is the definition of a quick lunch spot.

Coppa Club

As embarrassing as it is to admit, what initially drew us to Coppa Club was the incredible cabanas that we saw all over Instagram. These cabanas, while perfect for sitting in on a warm, sunny day, are the last place you want to be when it’s raining regardless of its views of the Thames and the Needle.

What we found inside Coppa Club was much more exciting than a great view–an immaculate lunch. I opted for a cappuccino and the Coppa Eggs Benedict which features house-cured meat and the most perfect poached eggs I’ve ever had. We also branched out and tried blood pudding here. If ever you’re going to eat this stuff, eat it here.


I’ve already ranted and raved about this place but I truly just can’t give it enough credit. I’d fly nine hours back over the pond just to eat here again. When we walked into Dishoom in Shoreditch, we were blown away by the vintage Bombay decor and relaxing vibe.

Things would only get better, though, after we sat down to ate. We had a feast of sorts–we ordered something from just about every part of the menu to make sure we didn’t miss a thing. When you eat here, don’t leave without getting the garlic naan, house black daal, and chicken ruby curry.

Founder’s Arms

While we walking along the South Bank before seeing a show at Shakespeare’s Globe, we stumbled about a place called the Founder’s Arms. It didn’t look like anything special from the outside but we were pulled in by the lively crowd that was drinking on the back deck that overlooks the Thames.

This pub is, well, a pub with a great selection of drinks including the most delicious cider I’ve ever had. Some of us had traditional fish & chips while others had mac ‘n’ cheese with homemade slow cooked pulled pork and red onion jam. *drools again*


Sometimes you’re just craving a big bowl of authentic Italian pasta and a whole entire charcuterie board all for yourself… which is exactly what you’ll find at Zizzi. Personally, this Italian chain, which has many locations across the city of London, is comparable to America’s Olive Garden or Carrabba’s, and I mean that in the best possible way.

Though it’s slightly more pricey than Olive Garden, the food is just as tasty and the portions are huge. We split a laughably giant and incredibly delicious Cicchetti Sharing Board and then I had the king prawn linguine with courgette ribbons in a hot roquito chilli, tomato, white wine & lobster sauce. I’ll tell you what–I was full until I got back to Pennsylvania the next day.

Enjoy Your Traditional (and Not So Traditional) English Eats!


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